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Referral Program


It’s our pleasure to unveil a Comed Price List Treatments of the Referral Program

We’ve built this program to empower all you well-connected socialites to spread the word about our treatment to all of your friends, family members, acquaintances, business associates, significant and anyone else you think that he/she might benefit from this healthy program


What you get

15 % of the purchased course value

For more information, please call 02-663-3091-2 or e-mail to:



        -    Courses to earn referral fees

                                Cell Therapy Program (Autologous Stem Cell and Fresh Cell Therapy).

                                Genes Testing (Except Comed Telomere Diagnostic).

                                The recommended course must have at least 10 times treatment.

-          The recommended person must inform us prior to the clients visit at least one day by specify the name of the client and the treatment that the client would like to purchase.

-          The recommended person must provide us a copy of ID card and the first page of book bank for the referral fee transfer.

-          If the recommended person referred many clients in one month, the referral fee can be accumulated.

-          We will transfer the referral fee to the recommended person up to the 10th day of next month.

-          The recommended person has no right to get the referral fee from your own purchase.

-          We reserve the right to make any changes without prior notice.

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